What’s The Future For the Escort Industry?

The escort industry is one of the most popular and happening businesses of the UK. This business has flourished and blossomed over the centuries thanks to the ever increasing demands from clients. The demand seems to be ever-increasing so the escort industry will not be going anywhere soon. But like every business, this industry is also undergoing quite a few changes as it gears up for the future.

The escort industry is not a one dimensional one. It is not as easy as paying a woman to have sex. The escorts need to do a lot more to satisfy their clients. Even if it seems incredulous to know, many people book escorts only for company and quality time. To be able to provide that, escorts must be smart and knowledgeable about a lot of subjects.

So it is pretty clear that the girls need to keep themselves updated and bring more flavours into their skills to enhance the services. Hence there is a trend now-a-days where most of the luxury elite escorts around UK try to groom and train themselves on different languages, customs and cultures so that they can work for a variety of clients.

The industry is slowly but surely combining contact based, non-contact based adult entertainment and different adult goods merchandise. This is to arrange everything under one umbrella and create a wholesome experience for the clients. The clients can feel that they are getting more value for money and this is a win-win situation for everyone. This industry generates a lot of revenue worldwide and it has an annual growth of almost 6%. People have started to take this business seriously and a lot of planning and projections are being formulated for it.

One of the most recent steps taken is that some agencies have implemented tube adult videos on the agency website itself. Apart from the information about the business, there are huge selections of sensuous steamy porn videos in different categories. These can assuage the lonely clients and let them pass the time it takes for the escorts to reach them. The initiative has been hugely successful and more and more agencies are implementing this every day.

Another step is to integrate several aspects such as strip dance, lap dance and remote sexual shows with the escort services. These are some very popular modes of contact based and non-contact based sexual pleasures. Hence it is only natural that escort businesses would try to diversify and increase their offerings by incorporating these. They are also hiring girls are who are experienced in such skills apart from traditional escorts. Phone sex has also gained lots of popularity over the last decade so this has also been brought under the umbrella.

Now there are strategic planning and guidelines in place to take the escort industry forward. It is being treated seriously as a business and people and firms are coming up with future projections, solid planning and market research to make the escort industry grow bigger. It is projected by many that by 2030, the escort industry worldwide will be almost 350 Billion. The business has been seeing 6 -7% growth almost every year and all set to see double digit growths in the coming years.

The best thing that has happened with escort business is that now it has become easier to open an escort agency or to start working as an independent escort. A solid business plan with projected expenses such as marketing, advertisement and infrastructure along with projected income should be documented and presented to a financer or a bank. These places are now more prone to sanctioning a loan if the plan shows promise. It is suggested that the business plan should be created by an expert so that all loopholes are taken care of and the business takes off perfectly.

Another big step is the integration of popular social media with the escort industry. Large agencies and popular escorts now have their own Facebook and MySpace accounts where fans can contact and even book them. According to latest studies, almost 25% of total escort bookings were done via Facebook in 2012. This has opened a whole new opportunity in terms of growth in this industry.

Invasion of technology has really pepped up the business in the last decade. Introduction of websites, web booking and advanced search options make it easy for clients to find perfect girls based on their requirements and budgets easily. Smartphones and mobile applications are the latest big things in the tech world today and the escort industry is taking full advantage of it. All the agencies have introduced mobile versions of their websites and a lot of bookings are happening via iPhones and BlackBerrys. This is a trend that will seemingly stay with the industry for a long time to come.

Most important of all aspects, the job of an escort is not considered taboo anymore. It is no longer the last career option for girls and boys with no other means to earn money. On the contrary, it is now being considered as a lucrative career option and a legitimate career by many. So the industry has seen an influx of smart, talented and educated young people who work as escorts because they love the job. This has definitely notched up the standards in the larger escort industries of the world.

the clients now also have more exposure to the escort services more than before. The industry being legalized means people can now opt for them in almost all places they visit. The agencies employ lot of confidentiality about their clients which is getting stricter by day. This is definitely better for the clients.

As it is evident that the escort industries globally are gearing up for big surge in the coming years. Supported by solid planning, technology, new thinking and new ideologies, it is looking towards a boom. Whether you as a client are ready for this or not that is the question. But the business is here to stay for a long time.